Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Timeline For Board Decision on Drought Plan

We've had a few questions about how and when the Contra Costa Water District's Board of Directors will be making decisions concerning its Drought Management Plan.

Even though its pouring buckets of rain today in Concord, there remains considerable concern that there will not be enough snow in the Sierra to refill the state's reservoirs that have been depleted after two years of below-normal precipitation.

The laws are specific about how Board decisions are made, so these are the three steps the Board will take within the next 30 days.

This Wednesday, March 4, the Board will vote on a resolution declaring a water shortage. The resolution will direct District staff to prepared a ordinance for the Drought Management Program. You can read the Board agenda here:

At it's next meeting on Wednesday, March 18, the Board will receive a water shortage situation update and also formally read the Drought Management Program ordinance for the first time.

Finally, on its Wednesday, April 1 meeting, the Board will have the second reading of the drought ordinance, and is scheduled to vote on the ordinance. The formal Public Hearing on the ordinance will also be held at this time.

Should the board approve it, CCWD's Drought Management Plan will begin on May 1.

The public is always invited to CCWD Board of Director meetings, and comments are welcome.

The meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. at CCWD's Main Office, 1331 Concord Ave, in Concord. Here's a Mapquest-map to the office.

If you cannot attend the meeting and would like to make a comment to the Board about the Plan, send CCWD an e-mail (mention in the subject line that you are sending a comment on the Drought Management Plan) or send a letter to:

Contra Costa Water District
Attn. Brice Bledsoe, Director of Finance
P.O. Box H20
Concord, CA 94524

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