Thursday, March 5, 2009

CCWD Board Passes Water Shortage Conditions

Wednesday night, CCWD's Board of Directors passed a Resolution declaring water shortage conditions and directed District staff to prepare a drought ordinance.

The ordinance will be read at the Board's next meeting on March 18.

There will be a public hearing and a vote on the ordinance at the Board's April 1 meeting.

If the board enacts a drought management program, it would begin May 1.

Assistant General Manager Jerry Brown told Directors that improving snow pack and reservoir conditions are such that if the wet weather continues through March the Board could have flexibility in considering conservation measures.

With continued improving weather conditions, the Board could consider a voluntary or mandatory drought program. It will not make that decision until April 1.

Last year, CCWD asked its customers to conserve water voluntarily.

Gov. Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought emergency last Friday, and asked urban water users to cut back their water uses by 20 percent this year.

I will update you as new developments take place. Please write or call if I can provide further information.

Jim Freschi
CCWD Public Information Specialist
(925) 688-8175

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