Monday, March 9, 2009

March is Time To Test Your Irrigation System

March is the perfect time to get your irrigation system in running order for the summer. A well-maintained and managed irrigation system can save thousands of gallons of water. Here are a few tips:

# Pop-up sprinklers — Check and repair bent, blocked or broken sprinklers. Adjust sprinklers to eliminate all overspray onto pavement, fences and other non-vegetation.

# Sprinkler nozzles — Replace or clean clogged nozzles.

# Drip emitters — Replace clogged and broken emitters.

# Drip tubing — Check all tubing for cuts and breaks. These are easy to repair and can save a lot of water.

# Sprinkler timer — Keep that timer in the off position until necessary. Remember we are still in a drought and water restrictions could be necessary beginning as early as May 1.

If you have a high water bill and can't figure out where all the water went, consider calling Contra Costa Water District for a free home water Survey.

CCWD will inspect your irrigation system and provide you with suggested improvements and repairs. If you don't live in the CCWD area, check with your water provider for assistance.

For information on the survey program and other conservation programs call (925) 688-8320 or go to www.ccwater. com/conserve.

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  1. Also, if applicable, one should invest in renting a compressor (or hiring someone) to blow out their system to be sure to clear any seepage or dirt from their lines if water had been cut off to the system over the winter. This will help to prevent any underground damage to your pipes!