Monday, July 13, 2009

Water Saving Ideas From CCWD Customers

A few weeks ago we asked our customers for some water-saving ideas, and they came through nicely with some sound ways to save water.

The ranged from saving water while waiting for the shower to warm up, to fixing faulty sprinkler control valves.

So please take a look, maybe there's an idea or two you can use to save water and some money as well.

Hot Weather & Saving Your Lawn & Plants

High temperatures in the Concord-area are expected to remain in the low 90s for next 10 days. So here are some ways to save your plants and keep your water bill low from Water Conservation Specialist Bob Eagle:

If you have plants that were shocked during the last heat wave, you may spray a special wax on them that will reduce water loss on hot afternoons. Ask at your local nursery for these waxes, that are also used as a natural insect repellent.

As for the rest of your yard, add mulch --if you haven't already-- to areas around your bushes, shrubs and near trees. Many local nurseries are participating in our Mulch, Mulch, Mulch program, that includes good-sized discounts for mulch when you print our coupons.

Another suggestion from Bob is for your lawn...usually the biggest water guzzler in most homes.

Mow the lawn at the highest level possible, like 2.5 to 3 inches. Bob says you then spread a thin layer -- about 1/4 inch -- of compost over the top of the lawn. This will keep moisture in your lawn. Bob says even in the heat, the most you need to water your lawn is about four times per week.

It's probably too late in the season to receive many benefits from aerating your lawn, said Bob.

Free Water Wise CD Available

Our popular custom Water Wise CD is available for free. It's designed especially for the conditions in the Contra Costa areas. If you're replacing water guzzling plants, or are redesigning your yard, this is the guide for you.

All you need to get one is be a CCWD customer, and sign up. We'll send the CD to your home.

The CD has all kinds information on plants that thrive in the Contra Costa area. It includes:"

* a comprehensive, easy-to-understand plant selection guide takes the guesswork out of plant placement and care, allowing the creation of a lush, healthy garden.

* tips on practical matters to consider before beginning a project to avoid costly mistakes

* examine the "dos and don'ts" of water-wise gardening

* learn how to determine water needs before you plant

* discover the best methods for eliminating pests

* try your hand at composting.

Looking For A Nice Simple Water Saving Video?

The California Water Awareness Campaign put together this 13-minute video with lots of practical hints for saving water. If you're new to the idea of saving water, this is a great way to see all the things you can do.

It will point you in the right direction to save water right away. Just for fun, many of the scenes were shot right here in Contra Costa County.

Have any questions about saving water?

Send us an e-mail, we answer promptly!

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