Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cover That Pool, Save Water & Money

If you have a swimming pool, the automatic filling mechanism makes it difficult to know how much water you’re losing to evaporation since the pool is always full.

There are many variables to water loss in a pool, such as wind, how much sun is on your pool, temperature at night and during the day, the size of your pool, how often it’s used, and humidity. But you can lose up to 1.5 inches of water per week in your pool due to evaporation. Unless you have a little pool, that's a lot of water.

One way to cut down water loss is with a pool cover. It keeps the water where it belongs, and can also cut your chemical loss, saving money in two areas.

So, take a look at a pool cover. CCWD recommends you consider the type of pool cover that can support a person’s weight if someone were to fall in.

The Department of Energy has a good guide to pool covers.

Water Matters on NBC 11

Look for a new television show on NBC 11 that focuses on how local people are saving water.

CCWD is one of three water districts in the Bay Area sponsoring the television show “Water Matters.” The half-hour show covers all kinds of topics about water, including lots of practical tips for saving water.

Part of the show tells how CCWD gets its water, and follows a District Home Water Use Survey. There is also a visit with a local family who has installed beautiful drought-resistant gardens in their front and back yards that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

The show is set for:

Saturday, July 25: 11 a.m.
Sunday, September 13 9 p.m. after the football game.

We’ll expect to soon have clips from the show on our website:

City of Clayton Asking For Water Waste Help

The City of Clayton – recently named by Money Magazine 87th among the “100 Best Places to Live” – is asking for help in finding water waste due to broken sprinklers.

An exhibit in the Clayton Library asks people to help the city to find broken sprinklers at homes, on median strips and parks by calling City Hall at 673-7300 or sending an e-mail through its website.

In addition, the city has relaxed its rules requiring that lawns stay green.

Good job, Clayton!

You Can Call Us As Well

If you see water waste in any area of the District, call our Water Savings Team at (925) 688-8044 or by sending an e-mail to

Include as much information as you think we'll need to solve the problem.

We’ve had hundreds of calls, and nearly all of them have been solved after a visit from our Water Savings Team. Thanks

Mulch & Car Wash Coupon Programs Have Been Huge Successes

CCWD’s “Mulch, Mulch, Mulch” and “Smart Wash Car Wash” programs have been very successful.

There’s no limit on how often you use the coupons. So print some coupons, then stop by the nursery and throw some bags of mulch in the trunk, then detour to the car wash and save some water there. Drive home with a clean car; put some mulch in the garden and save even more water.

Water Conservation Kiosks Move

Our popular “Beat the Drought” Water Conservation kiosk is now at the Clayton Library and will soon be at the Bay Point Library. Look for the blue kiosk, and see how Hollywood has glamorized water!

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