Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cut Back Your Watering Days in October

The exceedingly hot weather of the last few days is expected to ease to comfortable temperatures by the weekend.

If you've been following our watering guide, your lawn, trees and most plants should be in great shape after the near-record heat. The only exception may be your shallow-rooted plants --like ground cover and perennials -- so check to see if they need any additional moisture.

Even though it's been sweaty-hot, do not hesitate to fall into savings and cut back your watering schedule on Oct. 1 to two days per week for lawns and one day per week for trees and shrubs.

Check our guide for the details.

Classes -- Plant Sale -- Coming Up Oct. 9

There will be class on caring for succulents, and the annual plant sale, coming up on Oct. 9 at the Ruth Bancroft Garden. Both will be held on Oct. 9

1 comment:

  1. How do I say this politely? Are you nuts? By which I mean, the people responsible for the "Fall into Savings" watering post card I just got.
    I water my shrubs once every two weeks. Growing up in San Jose, we watered our lawn once every two weeks. Watering three days per week is NUTS! What a waste of water! With all that water at the surface, the lawn will have shallow roots, and if the system is out of order for more than a few days, the lawn will die. Further, the trees and shrubs nearby will have surface roots, and become in danger of blowing over.
    I'm flabbergasted that anyone would recommend watering more than once a week for any reason. You shouldn't walk on or mow a wet lawn and this schedule assures it's almost always wet on top.
    I realize that many people are ignorant of the need to deep water, but I would have thought water conservationists would know better.