Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Page Is Resource For Grey Water, Rain Water Uses

We just put up a new resource page in the Conservation section of the CCWD web site that has resources for alternative ways to save water.

Many people are taking a second look at collecting grey water -- which is water from your washing machine or shower -- and using what is normally waste water to irrigate your yard.

In addition, though the Contra Costa climate is not ideal for it, many are also looking at "harvesting" rain water for their irrigation needs. If you collect rain water, you can use the water for your garden when skies are clear.

CCWD offers the new page only as a resource, and offers no rebates or incentives for these water-saving alternatives. But if you can manage these resources carefully, and watch your expenses, you can save some money and some water.

Home Water Surveys Are Free!

CCWD's free home water surveys will help you save water immediately.

Our trained water conservation experts will come to your home, and work with you inside and outside your house to show you how to save water.

They'll check your toilets for leaks, install water-saving devices on your kitchen sink, tell you how much water your irrigation system uses and tune the system so that your lawn, trees and plants will stay green...and a lot more.

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We'll Remind You To Change Your Sprinkler Timers

We have a new service that will send you an e-mail reminder each month on how much you should be watering your lawn, trees and shrubs.

For example, in June, we recommend:

Lawns & High Water Use Plants – 3 to 4 days per week

Trees, Shrubs, and Ground Covers - 2 days per week

This is the same schedule professional landscapers use to keep water and costs under control.

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