Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Car Wash and Mulch Coupons End Nov 1.

CCWD's popular car wash and mulch discount coupon programs end on Sunday, Nov. 1

The coupons are designed to promote water savings. The car wash program coupons apply only to 11 local car washes that recycle water. So with the expected sunny weather this weekend, go out and wash your car, and save a little money.

With the mulch program,local nurseries and garden centers are giving discounts of all kinds on purchasing mulch. Mulch will help you save water in your yard, and will also cut down on weeding.

So get out there and mulch!

Don't Forget To Cut Back Your Sprinkler Timers

With shorter days, and thankfully some rainy weather , don't forget to reduce the days of your automatic sprinkler timers.

In October, we recommend watering your lawn only twice a week, and your trees only once a week.

Replace Your Timer's Backup Battery With The Time Change

Most people replace their smoke alarm batteries when the time changes each spring and fall. Don't forget to replace your sprinkler timer's backup battery as well.

In some digital models, if the power goes out and the backup battery is dead, when power it restored the timer will revert to a default mode. So instead of having a finely-tuned water-saving irrigation system, you'll probably have one that wastes water, and you may not even know it.

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