Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Customers Continue to Conserve! Good Job!!!

Contra Costa Water District customers have reduced summer water consumption by 18 percent overall, beating the District's goal of 15 percent.

“Our customers are showing how committed they are to water conservation,” said CCWD General Manager Walter J. Bishop.

"Our customers are being extremely responsive to the reality that the state is in a third year of drought and may face more dry years ahead,” Mr. Bishop said. “Water conserved now will be supply insurance for next year should conditions remain dry."

Through August, 85 percent of the District’s treated-water customers maintained water use within their water budgets, saving water and money. Only about 15 percent, meanwhile, either increased water usage relative to historical use or failed to live within their requested water budget.

Take a Look at New CCWD Videos

We have four videos online we thought may be helpful.

Two of the videos are short segments from the "Water Matters' NBC 11 television show that will air for the final time on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 10:30 a.m. The other two were produced by CCWD.

We expect to produce more videos, including a step by step series on how our Water Conservation Supervisor is removing the lawn in front of his home.

All the videos are short, and we hope you find them useful.

See how CCWD performs a How Water Use Survey.

Learn how to read your water meter.

See how a local family has turned their front and back yards into drought-tolerant gardens.

See how one family is saving 1,633 gallons of water per day.

CCWD Has Rebates on 'Smart' Sprinkler Controllers

The use of “smart” irrigation controllers in home landscaping systems is the biggest breakthrough in outdoor water savings since the introduction of drip irrigation some 30 years ago.

With most controllers, the irrigation systems go on when the rains stop in the spring. The programs run on the same schedules regardless of temperatures, different humidity conditions, and length of days. Frequently, plants receive either too much or too little water, because the amounts do not change and the conditions do.

“Smart” controllers can save a significant amount of water because they are programmed with three types of additional information: Built-In logic, Entered Data, and Real-Time Data.

1)The first category, Built-In Logic, has solar radiation values for every micro-climate by postal zip code or latitude. Some systems can even measure solar radiation on site.

2) Entered Data includes information about each zone to be watered, including soil type, plant type, irrigation type (sprinklers or drip) and slope.

3) Real-Time Data uses on-site sensors or wireless ET weather date service to provide fast response to unexpected rain storms or heat waves.

These new Smart irrigation controllers range in price from $200 to about $700, depending on which features you need or want. Most include pre-purchase training to ensure correct installation and optimum performance. Some brands allow discounts for upgrades.

CCWD offers rebates on these controllers for commercial and residential use, we have more information here.

Now Pay Your Water Bill With A Credit Card Online

You can now pay your Contra Costa Water District bill online with a credit card.

It's an easy and fast way to pay your water bill. Take a look here.

You will need you account number to complete the transaction.

Water Conservation Classes Coming Up

Two classes are coming up at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek.

Lawn Removal September 19, 10 a.m.-noon
Presenter: Kat Weiss
Ready to ditch your lawn and put in a low-water landscape instead? Learn how to remove and replace your lawn in this hands-on workshop.

Composting for Families October 3, 10 a.m. -12 noon
Presenter: Karen Gardner
Anyone from the age of 7 to 101 is welcome at this family-friendly workshop on home composting. Learn about different methods of turning your food scraps into plant food.

For more information, pricing and reservations, contact the Ruth Bancroft Garden.

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