Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to CCWD's Water Conservation Blog

I'll update the blog regularly with news about the drought and how you can save water to help all of us get through what looks to be a difficult spring and summer.

As I write this first post on Feb. 12, it's raining in Concord.

That's good news, but we're way behind in rainfall and -- more importantly -- snowfall in the Sierra. We need a lot of precipitation to catch up after two years of drought that has left reservoirs throughout the state well-below their normal storage supplies.

Even thought it's raining today, water rationing may be unavoidable this spring.

We are committed to implementing a rationing plan that is fair. We are also assisting our customers by providing rebates on water-saving appliances like toilets and washing machines, free conservation devices and information from the professionals in our Water Conservation Department.

You can find out more on our water conservation web site at

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